NBA Trade Deadline

Posted: March 20, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports

I realize this time has past but this is an article I wrote at the time.


The Los Angeles Lakers made the most significant move when they acquired point-guard Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavilers. Sessions was getting limited time at the point in Cleveland with the rookie of the year Kyrie Irving in front of him, but was still able to average over 10ppg and 5apg. The Lakers had to give up two bench players (Walton and Kapono) and a future draft pick. The Lakers have been weak at point for the past few years with Derrick Fisher aging (he got dealt to the Rockets in an unrelated trade), Sessions is the burst of youth they needed and will fit their offense nicely. This move however does not put the Lakers as serious title contenders because they are still extremely inconsistent at small-forward and at times the lean to heavily on Kobe Bryant on the offensive end who cannot carry a team as he once could at his age.

The Blazers sent forward Gerald Wallace east to the New Jersey Nets. The Nets were reportedly looking into this move before the season but never pulled the trigger until now. The Blazers seem to have won this trade at the moment due to the fact that they will Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a 1st round pick (unless the pick is top 3, the Nets will then keep it). Wallace is a nice piece to help entice Deron Williams to stay in New Jersey this off-season but he does decide to leave the Nets have set themselves back years.

There were other trades at the deadline including the Spurs trading Richard Jefferson to Golden State and getting Steven Jackson in return. Jackson has won a championship with the Spurs and is the type of veteran they will need to go up against the Thunder come playoff time. Marcus Camby was traded to Rockets, some say his contract will get bought out, don’t count on it, they want to try to make a run come playoff time. The Wizards, Nuggets and Clippers were involved in a three-team deal that resulted in Nene and Brain Cook now being on Washington, Javale McGee and Ronny Turiaf going to Denver, and finally Nick Young to Los Angeles. A few other trades happened but nothing major.

The most surprising news that came at the deadline ended up being trades that did not happen. Dwight Howard finally made up his mind on what he wanted to do and signed that he would not op-out of his contract at the end of the season and go into free agency. Understand that Howard did not sign the six year extension the Magic were offering him he just decided not to exercise his player option that he had at the end of the year. This means that Howard will be going through this same saga next year, when his contract expires, if he doesn’t sign the extension.

Another surprising non-move came from Boston. The Celtics had been reportedly shopping All-Star point-guard Rajon Rondo around for weeks, the Celtics never confirmed this (they did deny despite numerous reports), and apparently found no suitable offer. The Celtics also had a trade in place to send future Hall of Fame shooting-guard Ray Allen to the Clippers for high-flying center DeAndre Jordan but that deal fell through at the final hour (smart move for the Clippers).

Although there were many moves there has not been any change when it comes to title contenders. The Bulls and Heat are still the class of the East while the Thunder and Spurs are their equals in the Western Conference.


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