Will Tebow “Fit In” with the Jets?

Posted: March 22, 2012 by Shawn in NFL, Sports

Yesterday it was resorted by ESPN and other media outlets that Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow and a 2012 7th round pick was traded to the New York Jets 2012 4th and 6th round picks this year.Like everything Tebow related this trade did not come without its share of controversy. The Jacksonville Jaguars (Tebow’s hometown team) were also trying to acquire his services and even offered the Broncos a better deal than the Jets. Reportedly the Broncos let Tebow choose where he wanted to go and he chose the biggest market in the world, New York.

The New York Jets’ current QB is Mark Sanchez who has proved to be very inconsistent in his first three years in the NFL. Tebow will try to fill the void left by Brad Smith when he sign with the Bills at the end of the lockout last year. Smith was a “Wildcat” QB, a kick-returner and at times a receiver. It is hard to imagine Tebow as anything but a QB at this point in time and his new offensive coordinator is Tony Sparano who is know for making the wildcat offense famous during his time as a head coach in Miami.

For those of you who think is a match made in heaven, think again. The Dolphins last year used the wildcat offensive a mind blowing ZERO times. The reason being that teams have figured it out. Mark Sanchez was under enough pressure after his performance last year and the signing his new three year extension, but now he has to try to fend off “The Chosen One” and his cult following. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

This seems like another desperate move by the Jets to get some media attention, after their in city rivals won the Superbowl just over a month ago. Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan will say the right things to one another, but they will both know they have nothing in common. If you want to follow this story closely just turn you TV on to any sports channel.


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