Who Does Mike Brown Think He Is?

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Brennan in NBA

Last night during the Lakers Vs Grizzlies game, a unusual event happened. Mike Brown benched Lakers star shooting guard Kobe Bryant. This all transpired after Kobe missed a jumper, the Grizzlies then grabbed the rebound and had a three-on none. The Lakers then called timeout, and at that moment Kobe punched a chair. He was then told to sit on the bench by coach Brown. Kobe then remained on the bench until the 1:51 mark. At the time of his return the Grizzlies were up by 9 points. Kobe however, was not able to lead the Lakers to victory as LA fell to Memphis 102-96. This has me asking the question who does Mike Brown think he is? How can you bench one of the best players in the NBA? Why would you bench Kobe? So many questions and so many answers. Hopefully this never happens again, because if it does Brown could possibly be on a one way ticket out of LA


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