Easy Ways to Add Power to Your Car While Improving MPGs

Posted: April 3, 2012 by Shawn in Cars, Modifications
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No matter how nice of car a guy like me drives, there is always two questions we want to know, “How much horsepower does it have?” and “How do I get more power?” There are several easy ways to add more power to your car without breaking the bank or completely overhauling your ride.

The first way to add more horsepower is to install a cold-air-intake in the place of the car’s stock air intake. All you need to do is remove the stock air-filter along with the stock intake-hose from the intake manifold. Then you put the new intake hose on will the new air filter on it and you are set*. Not only will this add 5-8 HP to your car, it will also help improve your car’s fuel economy, because of the better airflow. If you decide to make this modification to your car, you will never have to buy a new air-filter (you will have to clean the air filter every few years, but a kit to do this only cost around $10). Depending on the brand you go with this add can cost less then $100 to over $250 (I suggest AirAid).

The second way to add more power is to add an aftermarket exhaust to your car, which will also help improve the vehicle’s mpgs. I would suggest going with a name brand (FlowMaster, MagnaFlow, Cherry Bomb, ect.) for this job because even though it will cost a little more you will not regret it. I personally have a FlowMaster exhaust system on my car and I love it, and will never get tired of firing it up and hearing it roar. You can chose to either get a new exhaust system (new pipes all the way to the headers; which is more expensive and a much harder job) or only get a new muffler to go in place of the stock one. The new muffler is extremely easy install, but just make sure the car has not been running for a while so you don’t burn your self when making the swap. Just the muffler will add up to 10 horsepower to the wheels of your car and includes a sound that takes you back to the classic muscle car days of the late 60’s. The “rumble” that the car will make after the new exhaust is on the car will be fairly loud and is not for everyone, but for most car enthusiast it is a must.

The third and final way I’m going to talk about adding power is as simple as filling your car with gas. The product is a fuel system cleaner that you can buy at almost any gas station or auto-shop. You simply pour the 12oz container it into your fuel tank and let it work its magic. What it does is it cleans the unburned fuel off the injectors, which makes gas burn more efficiently and effectively. This does not add any power (even though it will feel like it a couple miles after you put in your tank), it restores the power that lost from normal usage of the car. When you get your oil changed the shop will charge you up to $20 for this but you can do it in twenty seconds for less than half the cost.

These steps along with normal service of your car will help your car last longer, preform better and save you money in the long run.

*Note: Sometimes in newer vehicles you have to unplug then re-plug a wiring harness to the manifold, so the car can get the appropriate readings to its computer.


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