Can Celtics win Atlantic Division?

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports

The Boston Celtics up to this point in the season have been a major disappointment, and have been plagued with injuries all season long. The Celtics are an older (some may say ancient) team and the shortened but jam-packed schedule this season has hurt them because they have not been able to get the rest a veteran team needs.

With all of this said, the Celtics are currently  at the top of the Atlantic Division and have the number 4 seed in the playoffs. Their play has increased dramatically since the all-star break and point guard Rajon Rondo has been playing a MVP level the past few weeks.

The Atlantic division is by far the weakest division in the  Eastern Conference but  is still very competitive.  The Philadelphia 76ers, who the Celtics blew-out tonight, are now three game behind their rivals from Boston and have a much easy schedule for the remainder of the season. Even with all the injuries and head coaching change the New York Knickerbockers remain only two and a half games out of first place in the Atlantic division after they squeaked by the Bulls today.

By winning the division it locks up at least the number four seed (number one and two are not going to happen but there is a chance that the Pacers could slip from the number 3 spot)  in the playoffs. This means the team would be guaranteed home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs which  means it would avoid the deathtrap of playing Miami or Chicago in the opening round.

The Celtics have a tough road ahead in terms of their schedule but they seems to be peaking at just the right time, and have the experience the teams they will be fighting against lack. The major issue that will keep the Celtics from winning the division will be the center position. Ever since Kendrick Perkins was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Celtics have been searching for his replacement. Jermaine O’Neill cannot stay healthy at this point in his career and Chris Wilcox was doing a suitable job at the position, however he is done for the season due to an injury. Doc Rivers’ answer was to put future hall of fame power-forward Kevin Garnett at center and move Brandon Bass to starting power-foward. Garnett is tall enough to be a center but h does not have enough meat on his bones to go up against true centers so this is not a good longterm fix.

If the Celtics are able to keep a lead in the division the other teams are likely to crumble under the playoff pressure. Keep an eye out, this will be a great race to the finish.

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