Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard Feud

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports

The Orlando Magic have made the headlines once again for a non-basketball issue. This time the team’s coach of six years, Stan Van Gundy, has confirmed that the center on his team, Dwight Howard, has ask management multiple times for him to be fired. This isn’t breaking news, because it has been reported for years that the coach and center don’t see eye-to-eye (in more ways than one). You may remember that Howard wasn’t sure if he even wanted to stay in Orlando just a few weeks ago.

Stan Van seems to be fed up with the whole situation and is tired of the ongoing drama about his job. Today he reached the breaking point, telling everyone that he is well aware that his star player no longer wants to be coached by him. He was calm about the whole thing, even hinting that he is fine with being fired (that could because he has multiple years left on his guaranteed contract). Van Gundy is no beginner when it comes to being at the center of a mid-season coaching change, in 2005-2006 when he was coaching the Heat, Van Gundy “resigned” (everyone knows Pat Reilly really fired him) due to family issues. Later that same season Miami went on to win their first NBA Championship.

Dwight Howard, who this time last year was arguably the most liked player in the league is now coming off as being a baby and a spoiled brat. Howard better be careful because some think he is heading towards LeBron James territory in terms of disapproval (I personaly don’t think anyone can be hated that much besides the “King”). Howard did to try to defuse the situation however when he interrupted Van Gundy’s press conference saying that they (meaning the Magic) were only focused on winning.

If the Magic want to keep Howard long-term it seems like the inevitable decision they have to make is fire Stan Van Gundy. Stan Van is a great basketball mind and will find a job next season whether it is coaching or with his brother in the broadcast booth. This is just another case in sports that shows the inmates run the asylum.

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  1. ehsank24 says:

    Great post. Stan Van Gundy is going to find a job elsewhere. Both sides come out looking bad and I feel for the Magic organization. There is no appeasing Dwight to stay. Next year, at this time, he will be a goner as well.

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