2012 NFL Draft Predictions: AFC

Posted: April 20, 2012 by Shawn in NFL, Sports
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AFC East


Shawn- Patriots need a deep threat at wide receiver, and help in the secondary as well as a linebacker to be the opposite of Rob Ninkovich. Although the Pats have two first round picks they will likely trade one like they have in years past.

Rob- With 2 picks in the 1st round, the Patriots are most likely to address their weak secondary situation. Help at both the cornerback and safety positions will benefit the Patriots’ defense tremendously. The Patriots could also be looking for help along the defensive line to improve the pass rush.


Shawn- The Jets have been known for their defense but the only way they were able to get pressure on the QB is to blitz, therefore it is very likely they will be looking for an elite pass rusher in the draft. With Plaxico Burress leaving they will need to fill his spot at the wide-receiver position.

Rob- The Jets main focus should be to improve their pass rush, both on the defensive line and at linebacker as Rex Ryan wants to bring the Jets defense back to their 2009-2010 form. Another need for the Jets is at running back with LaDanian Tomlinson most likely not returning to New York.


Shawn- Even with the signing of Garrard and the productive season last year from Moore, the Dolphins are still looking for a franchise quarterback, so expect them to go after one early in the draft. With Brandon Marshall being traded they will need to replace him as well.

Rob- Even with a QB competition between David Garrard and Matt Moore, the Dolphins could ahead and pick a QB in the 2012 Draft. Ryan Tannehill has been a name that has come up in numerous mock drafts. The Dolphins are also in need of a big play wide receiver as Brandon Marshall was traded away to the Bears this off-season.


Shawn- The Bills had trouble stopping any respectable offense last year if they were unable to get a turnover, so look for them to get help in the secondary as they have already addressed their defensive line needs.

Rob- The Bills improved their defensive line this off-season with the signing of Mario Williams. Look for Buffalo to go after some secondary help in the early rounds. Offensive line could be another position that the Bills address in the draft, as LT Demetress Bell left for Philadelphia.

AFC West


Shawn- With the addition of Peyton Manning on the offseason the Broncos will go after a security blanket at tight end to help him out when he is pressured.

Rob- The signing of Peyton Manning immediately fixed any QB issues in Denver. Now, their main focus is to surround Peyton with a good offense. Wide receiver and tight end are two positions the Broncos could be looking for in the draft. They will also need to surround Manning with a solid offensive line.


Shawn- Wide receiver will be a need the Chargers are likely to fill after Vincent Jackson left after many years of contract disputes.

Rob- The Chargers will need to replace Vincent Jackson in some way after he signed with the Bucs. Running back could be another issue with Mike Tolbert heading to Carolina. The Chargers will also need to address their offensive line, mainly at the right guard position.


Shawn – With Michael Bush leaving the Raiders would have looked to replace him however due to various offseason deals (specifically Carson Palmer) they have a very limited amount of picks.

Rob- The Raiders are limited to what they can do in the draft with the picks they have already traded away. But with a few compensatory picks, the Raiders could try to improve their offensive line, and running back positions.


Shawn- One year removed from the playoffs the Chiefs biggest need is at the quarterback position. With Matt Cassel being average at best his first three years at Kansas City and he is coming off a season that ended in an injury.

Rob- One of the Chiefs main concerns in the draft could be at linebacker to get some help alongside Brandon Siler and Derrick Johnson. With Jamaal Charles coming back from injury, and the signing of Peyton Hillis, the Chiefs offense should improve big time in 2012, erasing a need at RB.

AFC North


Shawn- Cornerback is one areas of concern for Baltimore going into the 2012 so they are likely to go after one in the early rounds. Also Billy Cundiff, the place kicker, cost the Ravens their season last year and has been very inconstant, it would not be a shocker for Baltimore to take a replacement somewhere in rounds 4-6.

Rob- The Ravens defense continues to get older, but they still have a very good group of linebackers with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Jameel McClain. The secondary will most likely be where the Ravens will start in improving the defense.


Shawn- Like their archrivals, the Steelers also need help at cornerback position but it is the biggest area of concern for Pittsburg. The Steelers had holes in their offensive-line last year and cost Big Ben game time because of this.

Rob- The Steelers offensive line was a main concern last season, so they should pick up an offensive tackle in the early rounds. Another area they Steelers could be looking to draft will be the secondary, mainly the CB position.


Shawn- The Bengals do not need too much help, but they are a very young team at the skills positions. One positon they could address is wide receiver opposite of A.J. Green to help him get some one-on-one match-ups.

Rob- The Bengals could be one of those teams that drafts for the most talented player when both of their picks come around. Depth at wide receiver, and maybe some help on the offensive line are what the Bengals offense could be looking at. On defense, again, it is all about building depth, they could be looking to replace LB Keith Rivers, who was traded to the Giants.


Shawn-The Browns, where do we start? With the lose of Peyton Hillis, Cleveland will have to fill the spot he left behind. Above all else the Browns need a quarterback because Colt McCoy has not proven he can get in done in the National Football League.

Rob- The Browns also have 2 first round picks. They are most likely going to draft Alabama RB Trent Richardson with the 1st overall pick. With the Colt McCoy experiment never really working out, the Browns could trade up to draft a QB.

AFC South


Shawn- Houston is arguably the most complete team in the entire league. With that said they could use another big-time wide out opposite of all-pro Andre Johnson.

Rob- The Texans stacked around the board. With Matt Schaub coming back, the Texans could be on the lookout for another WR to go alongside Andre Johnson. The running back position is set with Arian Foster and Ben Tate. They could look for some help on the offensive line to improve both the running, and passing game.


Shawn- With Cortland Finnegan leaving for the Rams to reconnect with his old coach, Jeff Fischer, the Titans will have to fill the void he left in Nashville.

Rob- The Titans will mainly look to replace Cortland Finnegan after he left for the St. Louis Rams. The offense will improve with WR Kenny Britt coming back from injury. Even after losing the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the Titans are still good at QB with Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.


Shawn- Blaine Gabbert had a rookie year to forget, this was mainly due to the fact that he got not protection at all from the big guys up front. Jacksonville is sure to address this problem either in the draft or in free agency.

Rob- The Jaguars defense played very well in 2011, despite their 5-11 record. They could look to solidify their defensive line with the 7th pick in the draft. Also, if they are serious about building the future of the team with Blaine Gabbert, they will need to get him an offensive line.


Shawn- Andrew Luck will hopefully solve their “issue” at quarterback. The Colts will need to patch the offensive line specifically the center position after their longtime leader, Jeff Saturday, left for the Colts.

Rob- Andrew Luck. We all know that is who the Colts will be taking with the #1 overall pick. Aside from Luck, the Colts could also be looking to get him a solid #2 receiver to go along with Reggie Wayne. Tight end and the offensive line will also be areas to address for the Colts. The Colts defense will need a major overhaul, but they should be able to find help throughout the draft.

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  1. theFK1 says:

    I know I’m a bit late on this reply (just found your blog today) but I wanted to comment about the Ravens.. 1) CB isn’t/wasn’t a concern for the Ravens who had a pretty good secondary last season. The defense finished the regular season 3rd overall, and 4th in passing (2nd in rushing). If anything, depth at Safety, but the real goal I would have predicted would be to sure up the offensive line. 2) Billy Cundiff didn’t cost the Ravens their season last year, he missed on a chance to tie the game (not win the game) however, Lee Evans dropped the game winning TD, he’s more to blame than Cundiff… also the Ravens have never (and probably will never) wasted a draft pick on a Kicker.

    • Shawn says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion first of all. I have to respectfully disagree with you about Cundiff because him missing the field goal ended the Ravens season, but I do agree with you that Evans deserves more of the blame because he would have won the game. Also to consider drafting a kicker a wasted pick isn’t wise because if the Ravens would have drafted a decent kicker (instead of picking Cundiff up in FA a few years ago) they might have made it to overtime and even the Superbowl.

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