2012 NFL Draft Predictions: NFC

Posted: April 21, 2012 by Rob Barros in NFL, Sports

NFC East

New York Giants

Rob: Giants GM Jerry Reese will always go for the best talent on the board at the time. Whoever the best player available is at the 32nd pick, is who the Giants will take, but, they could always use some help on the offensive line after injuries have plagued them the last 2 seasons. The Giants traded for LB Keith Rivers, but could go after some added LB help.

Shawn: The Superbowl Champions lost one of their biggest (literally) pieces this offseason when they released running back Brandon Jacobs. He has since signed with San Francisco. Look for the Giants to go after a power running back to replace Jacobs. 

Dallas Cowboys

Rob: Even after signing Brandon Carr, the Cowboys need major help in the secondary. They should also be in play for a center after numerous botched snaps in 2011.

Shawn:  Dallas and long time corner Terrence Newman have parted ways this offseason. Dallas’ secondary was what cost them a chance at the division title vs. the Giants.  It’s also worth noting that the play from the center position was arguably the worst in the league. Look for them to address both of these positions in the upcoming draft.

Philadelphia Eagles

Rob: The Eagles addressed a major weakness at the linebacker position after trading for DeMeco Ryans, and also filled the void at the left tackle position when it was announced that Jason Peters will miss the season. The Eagles had one of the NFL’s best pass rushes, and could be in the works to add even more in the draft.

Shawn: The “Dream Team” had a nightmare season in 2011. They need to go after some beef on the offensive line to see if they can find a way to keep Quarterback Michael Vick healthy for 16 games (and hopefully more) in 2012.

Washington Redskins

Rob: After making a major trade to move up to the 2nd pick, the Redskins will select QB Robert Griffin out of Baylor, filling a major need at the QB position.. The Redskins went out and signed WR’s Pierre Garcon, and Josh Morgan, to go with veteran Santana Moss, so their Wide Receiver position seems to be filled.

Shawn: All signs point to Washington drafting Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the number two overall pick.  They will likely draft a wide receiver for RG3, since Donté Stallworth rejoined the Patriots this offseason.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

Rob: The 49ers added WR Mario Manningham, and RB Brandon Jacobs to help out the offense. Even though the defense was excellent last season, the 49ers could go for some help at the CB position after Carlos Rodgers had a rough outing against Victor Cruz in the NFC Championship.

Shawn: Alex Smith had a bounce back season in 2011, but he did get sacked quite a bit. San Fran is one of the most complete teams in the NFC but look for them to fill the gaps in their offensive line.

Arizona Cardinals

Rob: Arizona will need help along the offensive line to keep Kevin Kolb upright, especially after giving him a big contract last season. If the Cardinals don’t go on the O’line direction, they should go after a Wide Receiver to go with Larry Fitzgerald.

Shawn:  Larry Fitzgerald cannot do it all by himself, he needs help on the offensive side specifically another play-making wide receiver.

Seattle Seahawks

Rob: Seattle could target players on the offensive, or defensive line. They went out and signed former Packers QB Matt Flynn, so they aren’t expected to go out and pick up anyone else at that position.

Shawn: The addition of Matt Flynn will hopefully improve the Seahawks’ offense, however he does need someone to through it to. Golden Tate and Mike Williams have not preformed the way they were expected to.

St. Louis Rams

Rob: The Rams definitely need some help at Wide Receiver. They lost Brandon Lloyd to the New England Patriots, and signed former Giants and Eagles receiver Steve Smith. They will need to surround Sam Bradford with much more help in order for St. Louis to make a turnaround in 2012.

Shawn:  St. Louis needs a lot of help. Luckily for them they were able to trade the second overall pick to Washington for future picks to help rebuild their franchise. Most would think that running back is not one of the Rams’ major needs, but if a power runner fell into their lap (ie. Trent Richardson) look for them to take him even with having a proven veteran like Steven Jackson.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

Rob: The Packers will be getting Nick Collins back from injury, so Green Bay should go after some help on the defensive line after having barely any pass rush in 2011. However, they could still go after help in the secondary considering how poorly they played last year.

Shawn: The Packers inability to tackle and cover is what cost them in the playoffs. Charles Woodson is getting up their in age so it would not be shocking if they move him to free safety and draft a lockdown corner at the tail end of the first round.

Detroit Lions

Rob: The Lions will need some help on the offensive line to keep Matt Stafford up and healthy. Another weakness Detroit could address is at cornerback. The Lions secondary got beat up big time in the playoffs by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Shawn:  Detroit has one of the best pass-rush defenses in the NFL but they also have one of the worst run-stopping defenses. They need a linebacker that can attack the gaps.

Chicago Bears

Rob: After trading for Brandon Marshall, the Bears seem to have finally gotten Jay Cutler his big play receiver, but, they could still go after another receiver with their 1st round pick. Help on the defensive line, and in the secondary could also be a need for Chicago.

Shawn: The Bears missed not having a big play tight end last year. Cutler loved having Greg Olsen as a security blanket. It seems reasonable that they will address this need at some point in the early rounds.

Minnesota Vikings

Rob: The Vikings are most likely going to pick OT Matt Kalil out of USC to strengthen the left side of the offensive line. They could turn a lot of heads and go after a receiver with the 3rd overall pick.

Shawn:  The Vikings are expected to draft USC offensive linemen Matt Kalil, however they do need help in more areas. So they might trade the pick to Miami (or others) if they chose to trade up and draft Ryan Tannehill (this seems unlikely as of now).

NFC South

New Orleans Saints

Rob: Aside from their coaching issue, the Saints don’t have a 1st or 2nd round picks. So when their 1st pick eventually does come around, they could go in the direction of offensive line or linebacker.

Shawn:  Besides a head coach there are some areas of concern this year for New Orleans. Jonathan Vilma is likely to be suspended by the NFL due to the “bounty scandal” for a good portion of the season.  Look for the Saints to find a replacement for him. They don’t have any picks in the first two rounds due to trades and the NFL revoking their second round pick.

Atlanta Falcons

Rob: The Falcons have all the right pieces in place to be a contender in 2012. Without a 1st round a pick, the Falcons could go for some depth on the offensive line.

Shawn: With the Falcons being exposed in the first round of the playoffs, against the Giants, the need for some studs on the offensive line was never more noticeable.


Carolina Panthers

Rob: The Panthers could want to go after some help on the defensive line or in the secondary. They have a good offense in place with Cam Newton at QB, and, 3 very solid running backs.

Shawn: Steve Smith had an all-pro caliber year last year at wide receiver, but he is not getting any younger and young quarterback Cam Newton could use another high end wide receiver to throw to.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rob: The Bucs filled major needs at receiver and on the offensive line with the signings of Vincent Jackson, and Carl Nicks. They also signed cornerback Eric Wright to help out the secondary. The Bucs could go ahead and build a power 2 runningback system by drafting Alabama RB Trent Richardson, to go along with LeGarrette Blount.

Shawn: If the Bucs do not resign running back Earnest Grahman they will need someone to either back up or take the starting job from powerhouse runner LeGarrette Blount.


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