Saints’ Mickey Loomis Eavesdropping Scandal

Posted: April 23, 2012 by Shawn in NFL, Sports
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The New Orleans Saints have had an awful offseason up to this point when the NFL found them to be running a ‘bounty’ program. This was a major violation of NFL rules, to see what exactly happened here is an article we wrote at the time. This afternoon ESPN’s news program Outside the Lines reported that the Saints’ general manager Mickey Loomis had been electronically bugging the opponents locker room in the Superdome. The first thing that comes to most fan’s minds is the Patriots in 2007, however they were found guilty of only stealing offensive signs and they were fined and lost a first round pick. Loomis has responded to these accusations and claims that they are not true. However, it is hard to imagine that such a reliable news source like Outside the Lines would publish a story with allegations as serious as these without doing their homework.

If the NFL conducts another investigation on the Saints, and Roger Goodell finds out that the Loomis was indeed listening to opponents game plan, (breaks the rule of gaining an unfair competitive advantage, not to mention federal law) you can be positive that Loomis will be banned from the NFL for life. When it comes to disciplining the Saints it is a little more complicated because they already have limited picks in this week’s draft due to their previous punishments. Also Loomis is/was in charge of all football operations meaning if he was the one doing  the listening then who else can really be punished. On thought floating around the internet is that the NFL will impose the “death penalty” (in reference to SMU) and ban the Saints to go to the playoffs for a year or two, this seems unlikely because the NFL would not want to alienate its fans.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though and remember that in America people are innocent before proven guilty. Commissioner Goodell will surely do an in depth review of this situation and will take his time before ruling. The Saints franchise has been on a roller coaster ride the past few years, lets hope there is one more climb back up before the ride ends.

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