Rajon Rondo gets Ejected in Game 1 Loss

Posted: April 29, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports
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On the verge of making one of the biggest postseason comebacks in Celtic history, everything took a turn for the worse for Boston  in the final minutes of game 1 vs. the Hawks. There was a loose ball on the Hawks end of the floor and forward Brandon Bass, of the Celtics, dove on the ground for the ball. The referee instead of calling a jump ball (which it was) called a foul on Bass. The Celtics’ star point guard Rajon Rondo immediately barked at referee Marc Davis using profane language, for which he was given a technical-foul. After getting his ‘tech’ Rondo walked up behind the referee and chested-bumped him and continued to verbally assault him. The point guard was then ejected from the game. The Hawks went on to win after their four free throws (two from Rondo, two from the original foul) put the game out of reach.

As you can imagine, this series of everts set the ‘Twitterverse’ ablaze. People were already tweeting that Rondo should be gone for the rest of the post-season, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Rondo will most likely miss game 2 due to suspension (hopefully he will only miss one game), and it seems the hopes of the Celtics advancing to the next round and making one more postseason run are now slim. Rondo runs the Celtics offense and lead the entire NBA in assist-per-game this season. Avery Bradley will start as point guard but he is not the facilitator that Rondo is. To pile on, Ray Allen is also questionable for game 2 and may miss his eleventh straight game due to injury.

Commissioner David Stern will sit down some time on Monday and review Rajon Rondo’s actions at the end of the game and then make his decision. To play devil’s advocate it does appear that Rondo tripped before bumping into the referee, so Stern will have to take that into account.

Below is a video of the post game conference.

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