Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely with Abdominal Strain

Posted: May 14, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports
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Bosh falling to the court in pain in Game 1 vs the Pacers

Chris Bosh suffered an Abdominal Strain in game one on Sunday vs the Pacers. There is no timetable for his return currently, and will have a massive effect in the Heat’s Championship aspirations. The Heat could start Udonis Haslem but they could be more effective if they kept him on the bench and moved MVP LeBron James to power-forward and then start either Mike Miller or Shane Battier. Dwayne Wade and LeBron James will have to carry the offensive load with Bosh out because now they are the only two that can create their own shots off the dribble. Permitter players on the Heat will face an emcee amount of pressure to knock down jumpers to keep the Pacers defense honest, if they don’t they might be in line for an upset. However, the Heat will still most likely make it past the Pacers in no more than six games, but if Bosh is unable to return by the Conference Finals against either Boston or Philadelphia (most likely Boston), they will suffer dearly because Kevin Garnett has time traveled back to 2002 in his past few games and LeBron is not tall enough to give him trouble on the offensive end (Bosh and Garnett are almost mirror images of each other).

This is a devastating blow for the Heat, but they have enough star power to make it through this tough loss. Even with as much flack Bosh gets from the media, he was arguably the Heat’s most consistent player this year. Also lets be clear what “indefinitely” means in sports, it means there is no set timetable it is on a player by player basis. In the next few weeks we will hear a lot about Chris Bosh’s pain tolerance, you can be sure if he can play he will be out there.

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