Why People Dislike the Miami Heat

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports
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I was going to put “Hate” in the title of this article but I feel like that is too strong of a word to use in sports because after all, when it comes down to it, it is just a game. I have created short list on why people do not like this Miami Heat team:

1) The Decision: The phrase, “I am taking my talents to South Beach,” changed the opinions of so many fans in the NBA in the summer of 2010. When LeBron James said this to Jim Gray, the city of Cleveland felt betrayed not only because a hometown hero left for a flashy city but because he did it on a one hour special on ESPN.

2) The Celebration: I can see how this might have seemed like a good idea for the Heat organization to have a party (lets be honest that’s what it was) for their fans but it backfired in a large way. Many people were put off by the pyrotechnics and smoke, but the icing on the cake was when “King” James said that the Heat would win multiple championships, (when I say multiple I mean seven).

3) Mocking of Dirk Nowitzki in the Finals: It was well documented in the NBA Finals that Dallas Maverick superstar power-forward Dirk Nowitzki was battling an illness. As Dwayne Wade and LeBron James were walking to the locker room before game five in the Finals last year, both began to cough and smirk as they mocked their peer. This is an all-time low blow and even the most dedicated Heat fans were ashamed of their superstars, (especially considering that Dirk’s team beat them so they were in no position to be cracking jokes).

4) Criticizing the Pacers for Celebrating: Dwayne Wade said in his press conference last night that he saw the Indiana Pacers celebrating and he did not like it. This is coming from the same person that was on the stage jumping around (#2) before the “Big Three” ever played a game. The Heat also were crying in celebration last year when they beat the Celtics in the second round. As you can see, Mr. Wade was being a tad hypocritical in his post game conference,

I did not include that fact that Heat “flop” because that is the referees fault and Miami is just taking advantage of the system. Also anything on the court such as trash talking also shouldn’t be included, if a team doesn’t like what the Heat are doing they should stop the Heat from dominating them.

If you feel that I have missed anything please feel free to write it in a comment.


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