NBA Playoff Predictions: Western Conference Finals

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports
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San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: This is the matchup everyone has been waiting for, and it will not disappoint. These two teams are very different but also have some striking similarities.

The Spurs are the “old” team with championship experience from their head coach on down. The Thunder on the other hand, have a young group of core players and a great young head coach in Scott Brooks. The Spurs have Tony Parker at point guard who will go up against fellow all-star Russell Westbrook. James Harden, of the Thunder, will have to go up against an older, carbon-copy of himself in Manu Ginolbli, they have each won Sixth Man of the Year (Harden won this year) and are even both left-handed. The Spurs do not have anyone to matchup against the best closer in the league, Kevin Durant, but neither does anyone else in the NBA. The Thunder have no-one capable of stopping future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan when he goes out for those elbow jumpers, because it will open up the lane for Ginobili and Parker.

These teams are so evenly matched is it is insane. They both averaged the same amount of points and neither is to fond of playing lockdown defense which is the major difference between this years Spurs’ team and the ones of years past. The Spurs won the season series two games to one (one of San Antonio’s wins was in Oklahoma City). This series should go seven games, which should favor Oklahoma City because of their youth, however that will be canceled with the Spurs’ years of experience. The two have combined for one loss this postseason, and the Spurs are riding an eighteen game winning streak dating back to the regular season.

With the teams being so even, the most glaring difference between the two are the coaches. Greg Popovich has won four NBA Championships and knows that this will likely be his last shot to get to number five. Popocvich will likely pull out all the tricks in the bag (possibly even hack-a-Perkins) to advance to the Finals. Who even wins this series will be the clear cut favorite against whoever comes out of the East. Don’t miss a minute of this series because it maybe one the most competitive, hard-fought series ever. Spurs win 4-3 with Tim Duncan hitting one of his patented bank-shots to put the game out of reach, in game seven, for the Thunder.

Game 1 is at 8:30 est. on TNT.

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    Very solid article. It’s amazing what a difference 1 year will make. Last year the Dallas Mavericks took advantage of the inexperienced OKC and now the Thunder just trounced both them and the Lakers. Although they did it in only 9 games I guess you could say that both series could have been a lot closer but the Thunder’s transformation over the past year is still unbelievable. They have made themselves into one of the very best teams in the NBA and it’s going to be a real interesting series with San Antonio. Youth vs. Experience. The ultimate matchup. I slightly disagree with your assessment though, I go Thunder in 7, but maybe it’s just cuz I don’t want San Anton to win. Also, you think you could take a gander over at my blog post because I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say

    • Shawn says:

      Thanks for the kind words Chris, I also will be rooting for the Thunder because I love watching Kevin Durant. Follow us on twitter to get updates on our post. I will gladly check out your blog. Thanks again.

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    I think you are exactly right…Spurs in 7.

  3. Jay Wallis says:

    I enjoyed the analysis in this article. You seemed to balance your arguments and have a clear opinion on the matter. Also, I completely agree with you on the pick. Keep up the good posts!

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