The Clutchest Players in the NBA over the Past 20 Years

Posted: May 31, 2012 by Shawn in NBA, Sports
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10) Carmelo Anthony- Melo has never had the chance to show off his talents late in the playoffs (which might be his fault) and you can say what you want about him as a teammate but when it comes to crunch time, he has ice in his veins.

9) Kevin Durrant- In a few years Durrant might be much higher on this list, he just hasn’t had enough big shots (in the playoffs) yet because he is so young. He will only to continue to get better and he already is arguably the best closer in the NBA.

8) Ray Allen- The best three-point shooter of all-time hit another big shot last night to put the game into overtime. It seems every time his team needs a bucket he steps up and delivers.

7) Dwayne Wade- Wade put on arguably the best one-man Finals show of all-time in 2006 vs the Mavericks and single handedly carried his team to victory after being down 0-2 in the series, for the first championship in Miami Heat history.

6) Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk is the best European Player in NBA history and has become money in late game situations, this was never more obvious then in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

5) Reggie Miller- All you need to say is 8 points in 11 seconds and every Knicks fan will know what you are talking about. Miller also started the “choking” gesture after his arch rival gave the game away in the final seconds of a 1995 NBA Playoffs game.

4) Kobe Bryant- When your nickname is “Black Mamba” you know that you are one of the deadliest players to ever play in the Association. Bryant’s best performances late-game came in the Finals vs the 76ers and Pacers.

3) Steve Kerr- Michael Jordan passed the ball to Kerr repeatedly in big spots and expected him to deliver, and more times than not did. Kerr also won championships with the Spurs and came through in the cloth time after time.

2) Michael Jordan- Yes Jordan is the best basketball player of all-time and he does have one shot called “The Shot” the reason for him being #2 is because he differed to Kerr at times.

1) Robert Horry- Big Shot Bob won 7 NBA Championships (2 w/ Rockets, 3 w/ Lakers and 2 w/ Spurs) and hit big shots in each of the championship runs. He replaced fellow sharp shooter Steve Kerr in 2003 (Kerr retired) in San Antonio and he did not disappoint. His most famous shot came as member of the Lakers, Los Angeles was down by two against the Kings in the 2002 Playoffs and then magic happened (video below).

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