Giants Give Tom Coughlin Contract Extension

Posted: June 7, 2012 by Rob Barros in NFL, Sports
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What has been expected to come at some point this offseason, the New York Giants have given Head Coach Tom Coughlin a new contract extension. After winning his second Super Bowl as coach of the Giants, Coughlin has been rewarded with a nice 3 year, $20 million dollar extension. Now, there is no doubt this contract is well deserved for Coughlin, who has been on the ‘hot seat’ over the last few seasons after failing to make the playoffs in 2009, and 2010, and then again in 2011 after the Giants lost 4 straight games. In fact, in all but 1 season as coach, Coughlin has gotten plenty of heat, that one season would be in 2008, when the Giants were 12-4, and the NFC’s #1 seed in the playoffs. Even after that season ended with a first round loss to the Eagles, the media, and some fans, were back to questioning Coughlin’s coaching.

 Coughlin became the Giants coach in 2004, and after a 6-10 finish to a season which began with a 5-2 start, Coughlin was already under fire. After his first 3 years with the Giants, Coughlin was 25-23 with two first round playoff exits, and in his final year of his contract at that time, it was now or never. That leads us to 2007. The Giants began the 2007 season 0-2, with the defense giving up nearly 90 points to the Cowboys, and Packers. Immediately, Coughlin was back on the ‘hot seat’ and the NY Media was calling for him, and the rest of the team to be gone.

 Coughlin and the Giants would respond by winning 6 straight games, and finishing the season at 10-6, and earning the NFC’s #5 seed. The Giants road to glory would take them on the road through Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay, and eventually Glendale Arizona, where the Giants would knock off the then undefeated New England Patriots 17-14 to win Super bowl 42. Following the dramatic 2007 season, Coughlin was rewarded with a new contract, extending him through the 2012 season.

 The 2011 season seemed to follow a very similar trend, the previous 3 seasons ended with nothing major happening for Coughlin and Big Blue, and the team needed to close out the season strong just to earn a playoff spot. After an ugly Week 15 loss to the Redskins, the Giants were 7-7 and needed to win the final 2 games to win the NFC East. The Giants did just that, in dominating fashion, and went on to yet again knock off the Patriots in Super bowl 46.

 It could have been very easy for the Giants organization to cut ties with Coughlin, and go in a different direction, that would be the easy way out right? Not only did the Giants front-office stick by their guns, and keep Coughlin, the players did the same. Veteran leaders like Justin Tuck, and Eli Manning just to name a couple were all behind Coach Coughlin. The players’ and Coughlin’s resiliency showed during the entire Super bowl run, defying the odds and winning yet another Lombardi Trophy.

 So in hopes that Coach Coughlin somehow sees this, congratulations Coach, and keep on winning! GO GIANTS


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