2012 NBA Finals Game 4 Recap

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Brennan in NBA, Sports
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Game 4 of the NBA Finals was a complete fail for one team and a complete success for another team. In the first quarter it looked as if the Thunder were about to blow out the Heat, but that’s the exact reason that there are four quarters in a basketball game. The Thunder led 33-19 going into the second quarter, and that would be the last time that the Thunder would have a double-digit lead. The Heat started the second quarter on a 13-0 run which cut the Thunder lead to 33-32. The Thunder went scoreless for almost 4 minutes until Kevin Durant made a knock down jump shot. At the end of the first half, the Thunder led by just 3, as they were outscored by the Heat 27-16.

As the third quarter started the Thunder either had to show the Heat that they were for real or if they were just going to flop down and lose. The quarter started with the Heat dominating the Thunder. The third quarter was back and forth for a majority of the time, until the end. The Heat finished the quarter with a 7-point lead. Going into the fourth quarter the Thunder were looking to make a comeback down 7 with their season on the line behind their two superstars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Towards the end of the game LeBron James started to get leg cramps. This would cause LeBron to be taken out of the game with crucial time still left in the game. After LeBron was taken out point guard Mario Chalmers, who to this point was having an okay game took over. Chalmers had 12 points in the fourth quarter to help the Heat close the game. As the game was coming to the end Russell Westbrook made one of the biggest mistakes of his career, fouling Mario Chalmers with about 17 seconds left in the game and 5 seconds left on the shot clock. This was the nail in the coffin on not just this game, but also the Thunder season, as now they must win 3 straight games in order to win the title. The Heat won the game 104-98 with James, Wade, and Chalmers all scoring 25 plus points. For the Thunder Westbrook scored a career playoff high 43 points and Durant had 28 points. The Heat will look to win the championship on Thursday in Miami.

For a preview of game five click here.



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