NBA Rumors

Posted: June 26, 2012 by ishyaboy123 in NBA, Sports

Since the conclusion of the 2011-2012 NBA season with the Miami Heat being the champions, there have been a lot of trade talks swarming around the media. In my opinion I like some of what I see and dislike some of what I see. So here we go.

Brandon Roy has decided to come back next season after having to “retire” because of knee problems. Unfortunately, he will not be going back to Portland since they waived him. He is considering joining the Lakers but not 100% yet. Miami is looking to possibly pick him up but he doesn’t really want to go. I feel though that Brandon Roy would be a good fit for The LA Clippers. CP3 would be able to feed the ball to Griffin in the post or Roy out at in the key/perimeter and take it from there. It will take time for Roy to get back into his rhythm, but once he gets going again, I think he’ll be great again.

Steve Nash is also another big name. Although his is not necessarily being traded, he has reached the end of his contract and has become a free agent. Nash would like to go to the Knicks and I think he would be a perfect fit for them. Amare and Nash were a great duo together especially since Amare liked to come off the pick’n’roll, and Nash is very good at running that. Also, Nash would be able to feed to Tyson Chandler and Novak, and Melo…well Melo is Melo so I’m not worried about him but I think Nash would be a great piece to have, plus the Knicks would have Lin and Davis coming off the bench. The Miami Heat is also looking to get Nash, but I think Nash is pretty set on the Knicks.

Two of the Boston Celtics Big Three are also being talked about; Garnett and Allen. There have been talks about them possibly going to the Lakers, but I don’t see that happening. If anything I see Garnett going to the Lakers and I see Ray Allen wearing a Bulls uniform, but not necessarily a starter. But that is not for certain and like I said I don’t see them in LA.

Dwight Howard is also back yet again on the trade block and once again the teams he would like are the Lakers or the Nets. I believe if he goes anywhere it would be to the Nets. I think he would have a better chance to win a title in LA, but he likes to be the “big man” and you can’t be that when Kobe is on your team. Deron Williams and Howard I think would be a great duo. A great point guard alongside with a great center.

Deron Williams has come into the trade talks. He would like to go to Dallas, or stay with the Nets. He would probably be a good fit in Dallas but I think he is doing a great job with the Nets and should stay there. Williams will not leave though if Dwight comes to the team, so essentially it’s all up to the “big man”.

The 2011-2012 NBA Champions the Miami Heat are eyeing some big stars, like Nash and Roy, but there is one big name that wants to come back and actually wants to play for them. Greg Oden wants to come back after being waived from Portland because of injuries and wants to play for Miami. Also the Heat has their sights on Grant Hill, Andre Miller, and Steve Nash. They all would be a good fit for the team but one problem with these players is age, Nash is 38, Hill is 39, and Miller is 36. So who knows how much longer these players will play but still they aren’t a bad idea to consider.


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