2012 AFC Division and Wild Card Predictions

Posted: September 3, 2012 by Shawn in NFL, Sports
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AFC East:

Shawn: Barring a catastrophic injury, there is no reason why the New England Patriots will not continue their dominance in the division epically with their defensive issues by the looks of things taken care of. I expect the Jets to take a step back this year and finish third with the Bills coming in second.

Rob: The Patriots are clearly the favorite to win the AFC East in 2012. After coming 1 play short of a Super bowl trophy in 2011, the Pats loaded up on defensive help, and added a new weapon for Tom Brady in the form of Brandon Lloyd.

Jon: Patriots

AFC North:

Shawn: Even with the loss of Terrell Suggs, the Baltimore Ravens should pick up were they left off last season and win the division for the second straight year.

Rob: Getting Mike Wallace back will only help Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers defense is aging, but can still get the job done. I see Pittsburgh winning the North in another tight division race.

Jon: Steelers

AFC South:

Shawn: The Houston Texans were the best team in the league, until injuries derailed their season. Now that they are healthy again, expect them to be a contender for a bye-week come playoff time.

Rob: With Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson being healthy, the Texans should be able to win the South once again. But it won’t be as simple as people may think with a very talented Titans team on the rise.

Jon: Texans

AFC West:

Shawn: Peyton Manning looked great in his third preseason game and with the Broncos he now has the best defense back him since he won the Superbowl in 2006.

Rob: With the addition of Peyton Manning, the Broncos should be the top team once again in the West. The Broncos defense should be just as good, if not better in 2012, and with an actual QB calling the shots, Denver should take the division.

Jon: Chiefs

WC 1:

Shawn: The Steelers have a new offensive coordinator, Todd Hailey, and there have already been signs Ben Roethlisberger is not getting along with him. At that to the fact that Mike Wallace has only had a few days to practice due to his holdout, don’t be surprised if Pittsburg’s offense gets off to a slow start.

Rob: This may be a real wild card pick, but I really like the Titans defense this upcoming season.  With Jake Locker taking over at QB, I can see Tennessee getting back in the playoff hunt.

Jon: Titans

WC 2:

Shawn: San Diego should win their division because they are the most talent team by far, but they have not made the playoffs each of the past two years and are one of the hardest teams to predict each year.

Rob: Andy Dalton and AJ Green will only be better in 2012, and the Bengals offense got a boost in the ground game with the ‘Lawfirm’  BenJarvus Green-Ellis coming in at running back.

Jon: Chargers

Tell us if we are right or wrong. Here is a link to our Week 1 Picks (click here).

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