Who Are We?

Shawn: Currently a junior in college, majoring in Business Management. Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, die-hard fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics.  Also an avid fan of sport cars specially Mustangs and American Muscle. First blogging experience. ___________________________________

Rob: Born in Brooklyn New York and is a die-hard Yankee and Giants fan. His favorite sport is baseball and will be posting about MLB the most. He is also going to give some insight on video games from time-to-time. ___________

JB: Born in Miami Florida, and a huge basketball fan and yes he’s a Heat fan but not one of those bandwagon fans. Also, loves cars (muscle cars in particular) and music (any kind of music) so he’ll give a little insight on those topics here and there. ____________________________________________________

Brennan: Currently a senior in high school and avid sports fan. Born in Toledo Ohio and die-hard fan of the Cowboys, Michigan Wolverines and Lakers. Enjoys watching all sports but will mostly be writing about pro and college football. Also enjoys to take a cruise in luxury cars. ___________________________________________________________

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  1. shawn condon says:

    Hell yeah didn’t know Rob was from Brooklyn!

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